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Kite Group has a proven capability to support the Customers in:

  • Mechanical Design
    Upper body, closures and exterior trims, under body, suspension system, sealing system, industrial plant, industrial vehicles, aeronautic, aerospace
  • Design
    Vehicle components, transport solutions, aeronautic components, packaging, sport cars, nautical Validation and Certification - EU Validation (2007/46/CE - 2003/37/CE, CE mark, partial type-approval of separate technical units, user’s manual, local and national validation, product certification
  • Ergonomics
    Design to man comfort, design to best performances, interior comfort analysis, graphic analysis of infotainment components, dimensional analysis, reachability, usably, visibility of command/devices/buttons, survey of required specific dimension from GCIE regulation and development of vehicle framework
  • DMU
    Layout/fitting/service/ability/vehicle trim level/motion and kinematic/tooling kick off/geometric integration/monitoring in plant layout verification
  • Packaging
  • Jigs&Tools
  • R&D